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[sponsored by Jeff Cox and Golden Corral, South Boston, VA]

 Golden Corral 2005  

 Kirk Barnes 
 Jimmy Carter
 Tony Conner
 Curtis Duffer
 Tony Grissom
 Carl Harris
 John Hudson
 Scott Lester
 Kevin Neal
 Kenny Newton
 Earle Orme
 Mike Padgett
 Justin Saunders
 Paul Scott
 Johnny Wilson
 Marty Witt
 Cary Barksdale, Jr., 
Coach / Manager
 Jimmy Cutshaw, coach  
 Wally Powell, coach
 Jeff Cox, owner, 
Golden Corral,
South Boston, Virginia
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  Team Batting Avgs.
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...Golden Corral 2005:  18 tournaments...9 Championships, 3 Runners-up, 15 Top 4 finishes ...

Golden Corral
2005 USSSA State Champions

B: Mike Padgett, Kevin Neal, Scott Lester, Tony Grissom Jimmy Carter, Paul Scott, Wally Powell, Curtis Duffer, Earle Orme
F: Cary Barksdale, Jimmy Cutshaw, Kirk Barnes, Johnny Wilson, John Hudson, Justin Saunders, Tony Conner, Carl Harris
not pictured: Marty Witt and Kenny Newton

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August 20-21
Petersburg, VA
2005 USSSA State Championship

September 10-11
2005 Roxboro, NC 
Marshall Hicks Memorial

July 23-24
Saukville, Wisconsin
2005 MOOSE World Series

July 30-31
2005 NSA 
Western State

July 2
2005 Battle of the Borders 
NIT, Fairfax, VA

July 16-17
2005 Capital City Classic
"Upper Bracket", NC

April 9-10
2005 Greensboro, NC 
Gate City Open
April 16-17
2005 Salem, VA 
Chance Crawford Champions

May 7
2005 Greensboro, NC
Mother's Day Classic

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North Carolina


Date Tournament   [subject to change]   Sanction    Place 


         9-10     Gate City Spring Classic, Greensboro, NC NSA 1st 4-1
        16-17     Chance Crawford Benefit Tournament, Salem, VA    NSA 1st 5-0
        23-24     Mike Newcomb Benefit Tournament, Chester, VA USSSA 3rd 4-2
          7-8     Mother's Day One-Day Classic, Greensboro, NC NSA 1st 6-0
        21-22 NIT, Petersburg, VA USSSA 2nd 3-2
        28-30     BEAST of the EAST Super NIT, Petersburg, VA NSA DNP 3-4
        11-12     Carolinas Super NIT, Greensboro, NC NSA 4th 2-2
        18-19     Ft. Lewis Fire Dept. Benefit Tournament, Salem, VA NSA 2nd 4-3
         2-3     Battle of the Borders NIT, Fairfax, VA USSSA 1st 4-0
        16-17     Capital City Classic, Raleigh, NC USSSA 1st 4-2
        23-24     MOOSE World Series, Saukville, WI ASA 1st 5-0
        30-31     Western State Tournament, Salem, VA NSA 1st 4-0
        13-14           Overall State Tournament, Chester, VA NSA 3rd 2-2
        20-21     State Championship Tournament, Petersburg, VA USSSA 1st 4-1
         3-4     Super NIT Tournament, Petersburg, VA USSSA 2nd 2-2
        10-11     Marshall Hicks Memorial Tournament, Roxboro, NC USSSA 1st 5-1
        17-18     Eastern World Series, Petersburg, VA NSA DNP 1-2
        24-25     World Series Tournament, Macon, GA USSSA DNP 3-2

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