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2002 Results

April 6
NSA Burlington, NC

April 20
Chance Crawford
NSA Salem, VA

May 11
Dixie Dudley I
NSA Petersburg, VA

May 18
Mother's Day RR
NSA Raleigh, NC
1st Place

June 1-2
"Super C" N.I.T.
NSA Petersburg, VA
5th Place

June 22


June 29
Dixie-Dudley III
NSA Richmond, VA
4th Place

July 13
Burlington, NC

July 27
Va. Beach, VA

August 3
Roanoke, VA
1st Place

August 10
NSA State
Richmond, VA


...Welcome to South Boston Softball, sponsored by Jeff Cox and Golden Corral of South Boston, VA...

August 17  ...remainder of this season stats unavailable at this time due to computer problem.

August 10  ...disappointing NSA State
Golden Corral went to Richmond this weekend for the NSA Overall State but gave a weak effort.  After steamrolling through 2900 Club in five innings, GC let the game against VA Trophy/ Saunders slip away in the sixth inning.  Trophy is definitely a solid team.   They went through the bracket undefeated, only to get double-dipped by B&R Softball (congrats to B&R on a good tournament).  GC, then, looked sick against Kingsmen and were eliminated by them for the second time in as many State Tournaments.   hmmm...

Golden Corral 19
VA Trophy/Saunders 16
Kingsmen 12
2900 Club 4
Golden Corral 13
Golden Corral 10

Miles Conner, Scott Newcomb, Curtis Duffer, Paul Scott,
Matt Hunt, Tony Conner, Bobby Snow, Kevin Neal,
Johnny Wilson, Tony Grissom, Carl Harris, John Hudson.

August 3  GC rolls through Equalizer Tourney.
     Golden Corral Softball posted a 4-1 record this weekend to win a "warm-up" equalizer tournament in Roanoke, VA.  GC slammed Outlaws in four innings, 28-5, and then handled Sheetz by a 22-12 final to move into the undefeated game against Lumberjacks, who were grossly outmatched with The Corral rolling to a 20-1 win in five innings.  The tough Sheetz team made it back to challenge GC for first place and came out smoking to take the game by a score of 34-16.  This forced the "if" game, and this time Golden Corral was ready.  GC poured it on early and kept the sticks hot as they cruised to a 38-13, four-inning final.
     We will see if the bats stay hot enough in next weekend's NSA Overall State in Richmond.

Golden Corral 28    
Golden Corral 22
Golden Corral 20

            Sheetz 34
Golden Corral 38
   Outlaws 5
   Sheetz 12
   Lumberjacks 1
Golden Corral 16
   Sheetz 13

Miles Conner, Paul Scott, Johnny Wilson, Curtis Duffer,
Kenny Newton, Carl Harris, Bobby Snow, Tony Conner,
Matt Hunt, Tony Grissom.

July 27  The Corral goes 3 and out at VA Beach.
Golden Corral made the trip to VA Beach to play in the Eastern State Tournament this weekend and came up a little short on a couple of games to finish a disappointing 1-2.  GC beat high-seeded LE Balance in the opener, but then fell to CB Express by two runs and lost to the Kingsmen 22-23 in the bottom of the 7th.
     This team is more talented than it is showing so far this season.   The Corral hopes to get it straight in a couple of weeks at what seems to be shaping up as a very strong NSA State Championship.

Golden Corral 13    
    CB Express 12
       Kingsmen 23
   LE Balance 10
Golden Corral 10
   Golden Corral 22



Curtis Duffer, Kirk Barnes, Bobby Snow, Miles Conner,
Carl Harris, Kevin Neal, Paul Scott, Scott Newcomb,
Tony Grissom, Kenny Newton, Tony Conner.

July 13  What the Hell kinda bracket...?
Golden Corral managed to screw themselves into a hole in Burlington this weekend, but what a strange bracket it was.  After winning the first game, GC had to stay on the field to battle a tough Cedar Creek club, who came back to win it with two outs in the seventh.  Then The Corral had guessed it...stay on the field again.  No excuses.  We lost close games to good teams, but had we won the third game, we would have stayed on the field for the remainder of the tournament.  Win your first game, but stay on the field and lose one, then stay on till you get eliminated...hmmm.  Anyway, like I said, no excuses.  We played tough teams, played terrible defense, and lost.

Golden Corral 21    
  Cedar Creek 21
     Reflections 20
   Slawdogs 17
   Golden Corral 20
   Golden Corral 17

Carl Harris, Tony Grissom, Matt Hunt, Bobby Snow, Kenny Newton, Tony Conner, Miles Conner, Kevin Neal, Curtis Duffer, Matt Scott, Johnny Wilson.

June 29  Golden Corral splits a 2-2 at Dixie.
Golden Corral scored some runs early on but was out of gas by the fourth game and finished 2-2 in the third leg of the Dixie-Dudley Series.  There were some quality teams in this tournament, but The Corral expects to compete at a higher level in the coming weeks.

                        Golden Corral 32
Coastal Masonry / Hazelwood 33    
                        Golden Corral 25
                        County Sports 15
   2900 Club 18
   Golden Corral 23
   WORTH / Sons / Metal 20
   Golden Corral 5

Kirk Barnes, Tony Conner, Miles Conner, Curtis Duffer, Scott Newcomb, Kenny Newton, Paul Scott, Carl Harris, Bobby Snow, Johnny Wilson.

June 22  Golden Corral doesn't get it done at the                     Salem NIT.
     Lack of offense will send ya home early every time, and GC just didn't hit it well enough at this one.

Golden Corral 14
Sellers & Sons 25    
    CB Express 10
   Easton Predators 8
Golden Corral 19
   Golden Corral 8

Kenny Newton, Charlie Perrow, Paul Scott, Kirk Barnes, Tony Conner, Scott Newcomb, Curtis Duffer, Miles Conner, Carl Harris, Bobby Snow, Tony Grissom.

June 1-2  Golden Corral goes 4-2 in Petersburg.
Golden Corral went to the Petersburg NIT this weekend and made a pretty good showing on Saturday, but...uh, Sunday morning was a different story...what a sorry exhibition that was.

           Golden Corral 24
The Angle / WORTH 15    
           Golden Corral 25
           Golden Corral 32
           Golden Corral 20

         Virginia Trophy 18
   Kingsmen 9
   Golden Corral 13
   Philip Morris 19
   Reflections 12
   Kingsmen 14
   Golden Corral 1

Carl Harris, Tony Conner, Curtis Duffer, Matt Hunt, Scott Newcomb, Kirk Barnes, Miles Conner, Kevin Neal, Marty Newton, Paul Scott, Kenny Newton.

May 18  Golden Corral wins Mother's Day Round                    Robin in Raleigh, NC.
Golden Corral went 3-1 in the Mother's Day RR this weekend, and that was good enough to take first place.

Duff' Fabricating 28    
Golden Corral 16
   Golden Corral 23
   Golden Corral 20
   Golden Corral 27
   Reflections 13
   Double Diamond 22
   Triangle Masters 15

Kenny Newton, Paul Scott, Matt Hunt, Tony Conner, Scott Lester, Bobby Snow, Carl Harris, Miles Conner,
Tony Grissom, Marty Newton.

May 11  Golden Corral lays an egg at the Dixie.
     Golden Corral scored some runs but lost a couple of tough games to a couple of good teams at the first leg of the Dixie Dudley.

Coastal Masonry / Hazelwood 32    
                                Jernigan's 28
   Golden Corral 22
   Golden Corral 26

Kirk Barnes, Tony Conner, Miles Conner, Earl Orme, Carl Harris, Kenny Newton, Paul Scott, Matt Hunt, Bobby Snow, Mark Dalton, Curtis Duffer.

April 20  Golden Corral attends rain-shortened                      Chance Crawford.
Golden Corral traveled to Salem, VA for the annual Chance Crawford Benefit Tournament this weekend, and the rains greeted the team Sunday morning.  The Loser's Bracket, which GC had found themselves in after a pathetic Saturday night game, was sent home early.

Golden Corral 18     
   Bostic Bros. 18
Golden Corral 13
   Shen Valley Merchants 0
Golden Corral 13
   VFW 8

Tony Conner, Kirk Barnes, Earl Orme, Paul Scott, Kenny Newton, Curtis Duffer, Matt Hunt, Kevin Neal,
Carl Harris, Bobby Snow.

April 6  Golden Corral off to slow start
     Golden Corral hit the ball fairly well at times, but didn't play sharp defense in going 1-2 in the season opener.

BBQ Lodge / Biltmore Homes 12    
                         Golden Corral 21
BBQ Lodge / Biltmore Homes 22

   Golden Corral 11
   Dog Mouth Posse 4
   Golden Corral 12

Matt Hunt, Kevin Neal, Earl Orme, Bobby Snow,
Kirk Barnes, Mark Dalton, Curtis Duffer, Paul Scott, Tony Grissom, Miles Conner, Tony Conner.


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2002 Leaders

Burlington Open
Paul Scott       .917
Tony Conner  .857
Kevin Neal     .778
Matt Hunt       .615

Chance Crawford
Paul Scott      .917
Earl Orme      .692
Kirk Barnes    .600
Tony Conner   .600

Dixie Dudley I
Paul Scott         .900
Matt Hunt         .800
Kenny Newton .750
4 tied for fourth

Mother's Day RR
Matt Hunt       .842
Tony Conner    .714
Scott Lester     .700
Kenny Newton .684

"Super C" N.I.T.
Kevin Neal       .769
Curtis Duffer     .680
Matt Hunt        .667
Paul Scott        .630

Salem NIT
Kirk Barnes      .875
Paul Scott         .692
Tony Conner     .667
Charlie Perrow   .667

Dixie-Dudley III
Carl Harris       .810
Bobby Snow    .765
Paul Scott        .667
Johnny Wilson   .647

Burlington Open
Matt Scott        .923
Bobby Snow     .769
Kenny Newton  .692
Tony Conner     .692

Eastern States
Kevin Neal       .786
Bobby Snow     .692
Miles Conner     .625
Kirk Barnes      .600

Equalizer Open
Miles Conner    .818
Paul Scott         .750
Johnny Wilson   .727
Curtis Duffer      .708

NSA State
Bobby Snow    .727
Carl Harris       .667
John Hudson    .667
Paul Scott        .583