Golden Corral / EASTON 2005
7th Annual Marshall Hicks Memorial
Roxboro, NC


Some players who were available from Golden Corral Softball picked up a handful of other quality ball players and headed to Roxboro, NC for the 7th Annual Marshall Hicks Memorial Tournament to defend their title.  Golden Corral has won this tournament every year for the last five years, and before GC began playing in it, a different Halifax County team won the first two.  The boys felt it was important to keep the gold above the border.  All joking aside, the Halifax County boys are happy and proud to play in a tournament for such a worthy cause, and they love the tough competition each year, as well.  The competition this year was extremely tough, but Golden Corral pulled it out late Sunday night.  After dropping one game, GC had to pull it together in the "if" game to win the their fifth straight Marshall Hicks Tournament, and that is just what the boys did, rolling to a run-rule finish to win it.

More info may be forthcoming on this tournament.


Golden Corral 2005