Golden Corral / EASTON 2006
Worth/CAC Tournament Series I
Richmond, VA


Tournament Team Us Them Opponent
Worth/CAC Golden Corral 12* 23 R&S Auction
Richmond, VA Golden Corral 24 8* Bell Construction
  Golden Corral 32 20* Cooke's/Pari/Allen
6-1 Golden Corral 19 2* Bell Construction
Champions Golden Corral 22 12* R&S Auction
  Golden Corral 28 10* Rockies
  Golden Corral 31 21* Rockies
  Averages 24.0 13.7 *shortened game/run-rul

Golden Corral/Easton Softball traveled to Richmond, VA to the first leg of the Worth/CAC Series Tournament this past weekend.  GC started off slowly by dropping the first game 12-23 to R&S Auction, who hit the ball very well.  It was at this point that GC realized it would either be a very short day or a very long one.  The Corral opted for the latter as they rolled out early versus Bell Construction.  Bell mounted a huge comeback, however, to make the final close, 24-21.  In the next game, a strong Cooke's/Pari/Allen squad could not overcome a 16-run first inning as Golden Corral rolled to a 32-20 win in five.  Bell's chance for a payback game went by the wayside early with GC posting a 15-run inning and cruising to a 19-2 win after 3 and 1/2 innings.  In the rematch against R&S, GC kept it close as the game went into the bottom of the sixth.  GC, trailing by 2 runs, then dropped 12 runs to leave them standing, 22-12.  This got GC to the finals versus the Rockies, who had been sitting back waiting.  GC rolled early in the first game and never looked back in route to a 28-10 victory in five.  The Rockies came out hitting it in the "if" game, though, and jumped out to a 19-11 lead.  The Corral was not going to let this one get away.  Golden Corral mustered a final big inning by posting 14 in the fifth to serge ahead and then ended the game in the bottom of the sixth by the score of 31-21.
     Golden Corral hit the ball pretty well this weekend.  The team scored 24 runs per game and nearly 5 runs per inning.
Team average: .706

Golden Corral 2006