Golden Corral / EASTON 2006
Downs Syndrome Benefit Tournament
Ironbridge, VA

 3rd place 

Tournament Team Us Them Opponent
Cash Cow Golden Corral 12 14 Harris Financial
Ironbridge, VA Golden Corral 21 6* DCF/JL Smith
  Golden Corral 16 6* Sears/Miken, NC
4-3 Golden Corral 15 11 Kingsmen
4th place Golden Corral 16 15 4U Floors
  Golden Corral 22 6* Sears/Miken, NC
  Golden Corral 18 10 Harris Financial
  Golden Corral 8 13 All In/Dinwiddie
  Averages 16.0 7.9 *shortened game/run-ruled

     Golden Corral/Easton Softball played in the annual Downs Syndrome Benefit Tournament in Chesterfield , VA.   The tourney opened up with pool play on Saturday.  GC found itself in what was thought to be one of the tougher pools to start this tournament.  With the likes of Harris Financial, Sears/Miken, DCF/JL Smith, and Golden Corral, I do not think anyone would argue with that.  GC opened up with long-time nemesis, Harris Financial, and lost this opener on a walk-off 8th inning homer, 12-14.  With only the pool play winners coming back on Sunday in the “no-loss” bracket, The Corral was already in a must win situation.  GC came out hitting it against DCF and run-ruled them 21-6 in four innings.  In the final pool play game, GC run-ruled Sears/Miken from North Carolina 16-6 in five.  This would not be enough to win the pool play bracket, however, as Sears/Miken beat Harris and DCF defeated Sears.  This gave Harris the tie-breaker in the pool play event.  Golden Corral began Sunday morning’s double elimination event already tagged with one loss.  GC put away the Kingsmen in the late innings to win the first game, 15-11.  Next up was the very powerful 4U Floors.  This one was tight all the way to the end, but GC pulled it out in the last inning to win 16-15.  Next up, The Corral met the hot Sears/Miken team.  GC was ready, scoring early and often in route to a run-rule win in four, 22-6.  This put The Corral in the top four with another shot at Harris Financial.  GC was the only team remaining that had “one-loss” even though they had not lost in the double elimination bracket.  GC still had some gas in the tank and jumped up on Harris and won it 18-10.  The boys seemed clearly out of gas in the next game versus All In and lost some golden opportunities to get back into the game.  All In won it 13-8 and went on to double-dip Taylormade to win the tournament.

Golden Corral 2006