Golden Corral / EASTON 2006
Beast of the East - Platinum Division
Petersburg, VA

 5th place 

Tournament Team Us Them Opponent
Beast of the East Golden Corral 27 29 DCF Construction
Platinum Golden Corral 18 13 Angle Inn/Worth, MD
Petersburg, VA Golden Corral 17 3* Semper Sports
3-4 Golden Corral 1* 21 A&C Concrete, MD
5th place Golden Corral 19* 31 Sunrise Pools, MD
  Golden Corral 19 5* Angle Inn/Worth, MD
  Golden Corral 6* 20 Sunrise Pools, MD
  Averages 15.2 17.4 *shortened game/run-rul

Golden Corral/Easton visited Petersburg, VA to compete in the newly formed SNA Tournament, Beast of the East.  GC played the round-robin portion in the Gold Bracket.  After finishing on top of that tough pool-play bracket, The Corral was bumped up to the Platinum Bracket for the 3gg tournament.  As expected, Golden Corral met some outstanding competition in this one.  GC managed to beat one of the most highly regarded teams in Angle Inn/Worth from Maryland.  There was nothing but smoke in this bracket, and GC fell to some other powerful and highly ranked teams in A&C Concrete and Sunrise Pools.  
     Congratulations to Sears/Miken, NC who put it all together this weekend and pulled out a first place finish in the Platinum Division.

Golden Corral 2006