Golden Corral / EASTON 2006
ASA State Championship
Charlottesville, VA


Tournament Team Us Them Opponent
ASA State Golden Corral 28 21 Willis Landscaping
Charlottesville, VA Golden Corral 15 12 R&S Auction
4-0 Golden Corral 27 12* Bradley Insurance
Champions Golden Corral 29 17* VFW 632
  Averages 24.8 15.5 *shortened game/run-rul

Golden Corral/Easton rolled the field in Charlottesville, VA this weekend at the ASA State Championship Tournament.  In the first game, GC met Willis Landscaping, built a big lead, and held on for a 28-21 win.  Next up, The Corral faced the same tough R&S Auction squad from the NSA State.  R&S jumped out to an early lead and had a chance to bury GC, but they did not, and The Corral roared back in the late innings for a 15-12 win.  In the undefeated game, GC met Bradley Insurance.  Golden Corral came out hitting it and steamrolled Bradley into submission, in five, by a 27-12 final.  VFW 632 sent Bradley's home and came ready to play in the final.  VFW scored 15 in the top of the first in what looked to be at least a two-game final.  GC would have non of it, however, as they answered with 8 runs in the bottom of the first.  When VFW failed to score in the top of the second, it was clear they were in trouble.  Golden Corral/Easton finished the game with a 29-2 run to run-rule VFW 29-17 to capture the 2006 ASA title.  

Golden Corral 2006