Mentor a child.

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Mentor/Role Model Program

One hour a week.

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The Mentor/Role Model Program seeks to nurture the minds and spirits of at-risk youth. By matching young people (grades k-8) with adult mentors who serve as a support system, young people are given insight, guidance and the encouragement necessary in developing competency and life skills necessary for becoming viable, productive members of society. The goal of the Mentor/Role Model Program is to help reduce substance abuse, academic dropout, teenage pregnancy and other negative life choices.

Mentor/Role Model Program Training and Orientation Session
All new and prospective mentors are invited to attend a training and
orientation session of the Mentor/Role Model Program.  Program policies,
activities, and mentor/mentee relationship development will be
addressed.  Applications will also be available for interested
Date:  August 28, 2002
Time:  6pm-8pm
Place:  Bank of America Building (2nd Floor)
For more information, please contact the Mentor/Role Model Program at
434-575-3011 or 606 Broad Street (Bank of America Building), South
Boston, VA.